Land a job with a company driven by purpose


Most companies don’t take care of their people, especially ones driven by profit over purpose. 

 Are you working a job where you’re not empowered to perform your everyday tasks, let alone trusted with the freedom to use your talent to create and innovate beyond “your experience”? 

 The problem is for as long as you work in these types of companies, you will continue to be invisible, unfulfilled, starved for meaning, and stunted in your growth as a professional with so much to give. 

 The only companies where your talent can be shared to bring you the highest fulfillment are the companies that are woke like you. 


Woke in the responsibility to care for their people.  

Woke in the dignity of how they treat them. 

Woke in the value of empowering not controlling. 

Woke in a purpose that matters in the world. 


Imagine being personally connected to companies who live by these standards?

Companies who choose character over experience, creativity over credentials, and who you are over what you can do… 

Who see your individual growth, both personally and professionally, as essential to the company’s growth… 


Imagine if the nurturing of your unique talent - of you as a person - was that company’s highest value?

 Woke Talent is the only platform that personalizes the recruitment process by helping to first identify what your unique talent is, how to express it effectively before connecting you with purpose driven companies who are looking for exactly what you have. 

 Because you’re more than just another resume. 

To us, who you are as a person, with your unique set of values, can only thrive in a company that lives by the same.



It takes aprox. 5 minutes